Monvic uniforms for “A school for Nepal”

Cala Cimenti progetto una scuola per il Nepal

When a solidarity project strikes you in the heart and mind, you can decide to ignore the feeling or act on it.

The initiative “Sdraiato in cima al mondo: una scuola per il Nepal” (Lying on top of the world: a school for Nepal) is one of those projects in which we urged to participate and, above all, to get you involved using a simple hashtag!

After having a chat with Erika Siffredi, wife of former mountaineer Cala Cimenti, we realized we could support the project “Sdraiato in Cima al mondo: una scuola per il Nepal” with our handmade sportswear production business.

An easy and direct way to participate with our customers in the solidarity initiative by giving special uniforms to the children of the schools in Nepal under reconstruction.

Cala Cimenti
Let's find out more about it

``Sdraiato in cima al mondo: una scuola per il Nepal``

“Sdraiato in cima al mondo” (Lying on top of the world) is the title of the book written by Cala Cimenti, a well-known and skilled mountaineer-skier who tragically passed away in the mountains last February.

The initiative was started by Erika, followed by her closest friends, her climbing companions and the associations they worked with. Their strong desire is to transform the enthusiasm that always characterized Cala into a development project that benefits the people of the mountains he used to love so much.

The aim is to complete the reconstruction of the primary school following the earthquake of the year 2015 in Shree Pattale with a library and multimedia room and to rebuild the school in Necha Gahri with earthquake-resistant structures.

These two schools in Nepal’s lower Everest valley are off the beaten track of mountain tourism and therefore less likely to receive international aid and tourism subsidies.

What will Monvic's commitment be?

We have decided to support this initiative in our own way.

Each time we receive an online order for a Monvic product that contains the words #sdraiatoincimaalmondo written in the notes, we will donate a t-shirt or sweatshirt with dedicated graphics to the children of the two Nepalese schools.

Un école pour le Nepal
Kids hoodie school for Nepal

Thank you for helping us reach the donation of 150 t-shirts in less than a month!

We just have to continue with our goal to reach a donation of 150 sweatshirts by February 2022.

To donate a sweatshirt and participate in the project, you can purchase:


Cannot be combined with coupon codes and is not valid for Nice Price products.

what do we ask you to do?

This solidarity initiative by Monvic allows you to take part in the project by simply typing in the #sdraiatoincimaalmondo hashtag in the online purchase notes for your selected products.

Choose the item of clothing you want to buy, type in the hashtag in the notes and, without any extra charge or financial donation, contribute to this ambitious initiative. Together, we will donate special uniforms for the two schools being rebuilt for the project “Sdraiato in Cima al mondo: una scuola per il Nepal”.