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shorts arrampicata uomo ALO Monvic blue royal retro
Short trouser man ALO Monvic blue royal
ALO climbing shorts from Monvic are ideal for climbing both indoor and outdoor, perfect for free time and life in the city in the summer time. PRODUCT ADVANTAGES: ● comfortable fit ● soft 5% stretchy cotton ● zipper, clip and elastic drawstring waistband ● 4 pockets ● brush pocket on one side ● ideal for boulder climbing and free time ● strong and robust
69,00 49,00 Select options
pantalone uomo JIMMY salvia retro
Climbing pants man JIMMY Monvic sage
JIMMY are the climbing pants by Monvic. Light, soft and comfortable, they are conceived for bouldering and climbing, but are also ideal for the indoor wall, yoga, martial arts and outdoor activities. FEATURES: ● comfortable, urban-style fit ● soft, stretch cotton ● drawstring both on the waist and ankles ● useful back pockets ● double contrasting seams ● side, brush-holding pocket
89,00 59,00 Select options
shorts jeans arrampicata donna MINU Monvic denim
Climbing shorts jeans woman MINU Monvic denim
Shorts for climbers MINÙ are realised in soft stretchy cotton, ideal for climbing during the summer season and for free time in the city. FEATURES: ● Urban style; ● Soft and stretchy cotton; ● zipper and button; ● double stitches tone-on-tone ● Ideal for climbing and free time.
39,0059,00 Select options
pantalone uomo BILLY light grey Monvic
Climbing pants BILLY Monvic grey
Climbing pants ideal for climbing, bouldering and leisure time, featuring soft stretch cotton and internal adjustable coulisse. ADVANTAGES:
  • Relaxed fit, urban style
  • Stretch fabric for natural, stress-free movements
  • Shaped knee
  • Double contrasting seams
  • Soft jersey inside pockets
  • Side, brush-holding pocket
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor bouldering and climbing
Size Chart
59,0089,00 Select options
maglietta arrampicata uomo HASH Monvic pino
T-shirt man HASH Monvic “Pino&Pina”
Monvic Men’s Hash T-shirt – features a spot-on fit, it is made with soft stretch cotton and it is available in a vast gamut of colours. ADVANTAGES:
  • A good fit and an extended cut
  • Soft, stretch, stress-free cotton, ideal for sport activities
  • Ideal for climbing and leisure time
  • Side seams with a reinforced strap from shoulder to shoulder
Size Chart
29,00 25,00 Select options
maglietta arrampicata uomo HASH Monvic pina
SHARON t-shirt woman Monvic “Pina&Pino”
The Monvic Sharon ladies’ T-Shirt has a sound fit, it features stretch cotton, side seams, a reinforced tape from shoulder to shoulder and it is available in a vast gamut of colours. ADVANTAGES:
  • Sound fit and elongated cut
  • Soft and stretch cotton for an ample range of movements during sport
  • Side seams with a reinforced strap from shoulder to shoulder
Size Chart
29,00 25,00 Select options
pantalone donna VIOLET aqua Monvic
Climbing pants woman VIOLET Monvic aqua
Climbing pants Violet for ladies, featuring soft stretch cotton, ideal for any indoor or outdoor sport activity. Conceived for bouldering and climbing. ADVANTAGES:
  • Ladies cut
  • Ample range of colours
  • Stretch cotton
  • Adjustable waist and bottom coulisse
  • Side, brush-holding pocket
  • Decorative, contrasting graphics on the rear right leg
59,0085,00 Select options
Pants man CLOWN Monvic
Monvic’s CLOWN climbing pants are comfortable and versatile. Ideal for indoor and outdoor climbing, leisure time and city life. FEATURES: ● comfortable fit ● ultralight cotton, tartan texture ● zip, pressure botton and adjustable waist elastic ● adjustable coulisse at the bottom of the leg ● lateral pocket for rockbrush ● ideal for climbing, boulder and leisure time
79,00109,00 Select options
Climbing pants woman VIOLET Monvic petrol
Women's climbing trousers VIOLET made of soft stretch cotton, with feminine fit, ideal for any sports activity both in the gym and outdoors or simply for leisure. FEATURES: ● Comfortable and with a feminine cut; ● Soft and stretchy cotton; ● Adjustable drawstring waist and leg bottom; ● Side pocket for brush holder; ● Decorative graphics on the back-right leg; ● Contrasting coloured seams; ● Designed for bouldering and climbing. Size Chart
85,00 59,00 Select options
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