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Dear climber or custom-made sportswear lover…

the question we are almost never asked when buying our clothing is ”How should I wash the trousers? How should I iron the t-shirt?“. We’ll take care of it for you – even if you don’t ask – hoping that this article will be useful not only for allowing all Monvic garments to have a long life, but for any other garment in your possession.

The first thing you should do is to always look at the inside label and follow the directions. If you are not familiar with the symbols shown, you will find all the information you need at the bottom of the page!



The first general advice we give you is to always wash everything inside out. This allows the fibres not to wear out when rubbing against other garments in the washing machine and to protect against too aggressive detergents or high temperatures. 30° C is the temperature we recommend and always set the spin cycle to low speed (around 600 rpm).


After washing, always hang the garments in the air and not in direct sunlight to dry them and try never to use a tumble dryer, although very convenient you would quickly risk deteriorating both the print and the fabric.


Iron everything inside out or protect the graphics with a light fabric or baking paper: this will allow the print to be eternal. And please don’t say ‘I don’t iron’! Do it at least once in a while if you want your graphics to last a long time. We know that when you’re skiing in the mountains, it doesn’t matter if your clothing is wrinkled, but try to take care of the fabrics so that you don’t complain about poor durability afterwards.



Jeans need the same care as listed above, but always wash them alone or with other jeans as the very strong fabric risks deteriorating cotton garments if you wash them together and losing colour if you do not respect the recommended temperatures.


Our GRILLO and VIOLET corduroy trousers are highly valued for their softness and keep warm in the colder season so much so that they are preferred to a technical garment in synthetic material. Wash them inside out and set a delicate wash – the wool cycle for example – always at 30 degrees without spin cycle, preferably with a mild liquid detergent, and if you want to outdo yourself wash them by hand in cold or lukewarm water.


For our fresh and resistant linen garments, we always recommend using a mild liquid detergent, strictly without fabric softener, and avoiding the spin cycle, which would risk deforming the fabric fibres. Iron them slightly damp and always inside out!


For woolen products such as our MOM hats and ET women’s jackets, the advice is to proceed by hand washing in lukewarm water, or in the washing machine with gentle washing and no spin cycle; avoid fabric softener in preference to a specific product.
Stretch your wool garments horizontally to prevent them from deforming due to the weight of the water they absorb, without wringing or twisting them. Iron with steam at a low temperature.



We list the meaning of the various care symbols on our garments, respect them and you won’t have any unpleasant surprises!


Washing at or below 30° C


Dry clean with any solvent except tetraclhlorethylene


Do not dry clean


Do not bleach


Do not tumble dry


Dry in the shade


Maximum temperature 110°C or 230°F

And now that you have a PhD in washing techniques… enjoy your Monvic garments in the gym, at the crag and during your free time!