Liberty without a buckle: GEO jeans and Manodicarnevale’s La Sfibbiata

Marzio Nardi La Sfibbiata, the Belt Without Limits with Monvic GEO jeans

Discover the new GEO jeans accompanied by the innovative belt La Sfibbiata by Marzio Nardi

La Sfibbiata: l'unica e originale cintura elastica senza fibbia di Marzio Nardi manodicarnevale Designed to follow your every move, GEO jeans offer exceptional comfort with twisted leg seams for unparalleled freedom. La Sfibbiata, the buckleless elastic belt, completes the experience, eliminating discomfort and adding convenience.

Unperturbed by buckles and focused on freedom, Marzio Nardi has created La Sfibbiata, the Belt Without Limits

This elastic belt is one of a kind: it eliminates discomfort and adds convenience to wearing pants at any time. The wide loops and thoughtful design make it the perfect accessory for those who want to live comfortably and without limits.

Freedom in climbing and everyday life!

Marzio Nardi: the climbing artist

Marzio Nardi manodicarnevale

A life among the rocks beyond the buckles

Marzio Nardi is more than a climber; he is an artist, a creative who has redefined the concept of freedom in sport climbing.

His dedication to developing new routes and his adventurous spirit make him a master in the world of outdoor activities.

Marzio Nardi manodicarnevale

Marzio’s Journey: from soccer to climbing

Born on December 2, 1968, the same day Lucy Liu made her entrance into the world, Marzio initially dreamed of becoming a soccer player. However, his path led him from skateboarding to rock climbing, becoming a reference for lovers of verticality.

Marzio Nardi manodicarnevale

A Mix of Passion and Creativity

From scaling mountains to skateboarding, Marzio has always challenged the boredom of routine. The BSide gym in Turin was pioneering for bouldering in Italy, while his tireless curiosity led him to set international routes.

Marzio Nardi manodicarnevale

Climbing Never Dies: a Life Dedicated to Climbing

In addition to his competitive and route-setting roles, Marzio is also a devoted father and an eternal dreamer. The marks that climbing has left on him are his precious baggage, testifying that climbing never dies.

Want to know more? Watch Marzio Nardi’s video story – aka Manodicarnevale, directed by Federico Berti and Luca Andreozzi of Sundays Productions.

Marzio Nardi manodicarnevale

Marzio Nardi