Pants or Jeans stretchy with waist band ensuring action freedom for best performance

BALZEN range by Monvic

BALZEN are one of the very first Monvic trousers, designed for bouldering and climbing, they are also recommended for yoga and pilates.
Very resistant, they are highly appreciated for the comfortable and soft waist band and the typical loose fit.


Stitched in soft elastic fabric - denim, cotton, linen and velvet - to grant a comfortable fit, ideal for all indoor and outdoor sports activities
The elastic jersey waistband and the adjustable coulisse at the bottom of the leg, allow distraction-free comfort during sports training and leisure time.
Each year we propose BALZEN in different colours and fabrics.

    The trousers come in 5 sizes

    to comfortably dress all sporty women
    Size 1. WAIST 2. INSEAM 3. LEG
    XXS 36 cm 74 cm 94 cm
    XS 38 cm 75 cm 95 cm
    S 40 cm 77 cm 97 cm
    M 42 cm 80 cm 102 cm
    L 44 cm 81cm 103 cm

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