The first trousers to be specifically conceived for slacklining

Slackline & Highline pants CLOUDS

CLOUDS are the highline trousers for men, ideal for a walk in the clouds on a line. Paragliders love it, too, thanks to their special reinforced seams and strategically located padding.

CLOUDS are the super innovative trousers for highline made with stretchy and colourful cotton, drawstring at the waist, denim patches both on the bum and the rear knee. Practicing these disciplines will be easier: cuts and bruises caused by rubbing on the line are a thing of the past.


Back in 2011, during the ADVENTURE OUTDOOR FEST in San Candido/Innichen, thanks to the meticulous instructions of the Misurina guys, the first prototype of highline CLOUDS trouser was born.

Armin, Alex, Nico, Aldo, Zorro and Marco Milanese, the latter still a Monvic ambassador, together with the French champion and world record man Antony Newton, told us how to fulfil their needs as pro athletes who often have to deal with bruises and joint injuries caused by the lines.

Said and done: CLOUDS is Monvic’s answer to the needs of every slackliner and highliner. Featuring stretchy cotton with a relaxed fit, a drawstring around the waist and double fluo stitching conceived for a better fit and a higher resistance to stress during the various activities.

Highline and Slackline CLOUDS protect both the bum and the rear knee, allowing you to train and make mistakes without abrasions nor wounds.

These details, together with the cool design, make CLOUDS the indispensable trousers for highline and slackline activities and they are very much appreciated by paragliders for their strength, sturdiness and the bright colours.

CLOUDS comes in 5 sizes

Size 1. WAIST 2. INSEAM 3. LEG
XS 38 cm 76 cm 106 cm
S 40 cm 77 cm 107 cm
M 42 cm 78 cm 108 cm
L 44 cm 79 cm 109 cm
XL 46 cm 80 cm 111 cm
Slackline trousers CLOUDS Monvic

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