Summer camps in the mountains: free the children in nature!

Summer holidays have arrived and as usual parents are looking for the chance to give their children moments of aggregation, to make them feel free and happy-go-lucky within nature.

Many of us are working, and in a year full of organisational difficulties, it is now proving difficult to find an ideal place where kids can spend time with each other and socialize. They have been tossed around for months between home schooling in several places, various relatives and smart- working mums. The very few days at school were spent wearing masks with teachers repeating the importance of keeping their distance, alternating with afternoons spent at home with gyms closed, no group sports and socialising almost cancelled.

In our opinion, the time has come to organise something special, unique, educational and fun for them in a healthy, free and open environment, as only the mountains can be.

And we are not the only ones to share this view. Unfortunately, the pandemic has highlighted the growth of problems linked to anxiety and depression among children, and there is no doubt that action must be taken. The Montessori schools’ appeal “Free the children in Nature” is loud and clear.

As a response to this appeal and to help you take this direction – one we strongly believe in- we would like to point out a few possibilities of taking children to the mountains and getting them back to a social experience in contact with nature, a beautiful nature made up of rock and earth, enchanted woods, magical peaks and cool streams.

Marco Milanese

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This is the initiative of mountain guide Marco Milanese, whose weeks dedicated to mountain education have been running since 2014. A week in which he wants to give even the youngest children the chance to experience a marvellous adventure in the mountains.

We have known Marco for a long time and in addition to a bond of esteem and friendship, we supply Monvic clothing for his sporting exploits and to dress the little ones during the summer week in the official camp T-shirt.

Since he was a boy, Marco has dedicated himself to children and young people in different ways, as a volunteer in the Boy scouts and as an animator in summer centres; finally in centres that specialize in rehabilitation for children with autism and intellectual disabilities. His personal background, combined with his work as a mountain guide, gave rise to the “Rifugiamoci in montagna” project: a week in which we all sleep in a refuge together, take part in activities such as trekking and climbing, but above all experience the mountains.

But what exactly does living in the mountains mean for boys and girls aged 7 to 14?
It means learning how to cook sausages on the fire, how to recognise trees and different types of wood. It also means understanding how a mountain hut works, thanks to the usual “interview with the mountain hut keeper”, how it is possible to have water, electricity and gas at an altitude of 2000 metres, what it means to live up there and how much effort and commitment are needed to enjoy such beauty. It also means appreciating the moments of rest while enjoying a few things, away from telephones, video games and television. About every two days they change refuge and head to the next one, sometimes on foot and sometimes with the help of Marco’s van. On the final day, together with their parents, they can all enjoy a day in the company of nature. We think this is a wonderful initiative.


Scuola di Sci Speciale

This year we had the pleasure of starting a collaboration with the Scuola Sci Speciale for the creation of the official uniforms for instructors and participants, that they will wear during the various courses related to the world of outdoor activities.

We would like to point out that the ski school’s love of the mountains goes beyond the snow period and they organise courses and activities for young people in the summer in the beautiful Engandin area. From climbing and mountain biking to kayaking and a first approach to mountaineering.
Activities that will help them to socialise and develop skills of collaboration and commitment in the beautiful natural mountain setting.

Alpine Guides of the Val di Mello

Mello Kids

The summer camp takes place in the beautiful Valmasino and the green Val di Mello, where children and teenagers from 6 to 17 years of age will devote themselves to climbing and exploring nature with specialised mountain guides.

They will discover both bouldering and sport climbing through games and educational initiatives conceived by the guides to bring children closer to the mountain environment.

Monvic and children's clothing

We have always believed that children should spend as much time as possible in natural environments practising motor activities, and that the task of us adults is to stimulate their curiosity, teach them love and respect for plants and animals, help them socialise and stimulate their creativity.

This is perhaps why we are so passionate when it comes to creating T-shirts, trousers and above all the graphics and designs for children’s sportswear. Because we put our thoughts for them into these creations, we take the opportunity to give our contribution, to make them move freely by wearing natural but resistant materials, so that they can run and scratch without problems. We choose cheerful and joyful colours for the fabrics, so that parents can recognise them hundreds of metres away, coloured dots popping up like mushrooms in the green meadows.

We want to help them to be creative, not fashionable, we design an enchanted world for them made of little men climbing, flowers, dice that need climbing and fried eggs on t-shirts.

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