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Highline and slackline pants CLOUDS Monvic orange

Specifically designed for highline


CLOUDS are the highline trousers for men, ideal for a walk in the clouds on a line. Paragliders love it, too, thanks to their special reinforced seams and strategically located padding.
CLOUDS are the super innovative trousers for highline made with stretchy and colourful cotton, drawstring at the waist, denim patches both on the bum and the rear knee. Practicing these disciplines will be easier; cuts and bruises caused by rubbing on the line are a thing of the past.


● the first trousers in the world to be specifically conceived for highlining
● denim patches and reinforcement both on the buttock and the rear knee avoid rubbing abrasions
● adjustable drawstring both at the waist and the ankles
● freedom of movement during the cloud walk in total safety
● bright colours and contrast stitching
● unbreakable

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