NIKITA masks: a way to help reduce spreading

Community Mask washable in denim

There are many questions and doubts in this period about the correct behavior to follow.
And the indications that come to us are not always the clearest.

As soon as we decided to make NIKITA in early March, we followed all the tips to make them effective:

Double layer (possibly one in denim or different cottons to alternate the texture); Use of practical elastic bands; Wide accordion finish to cover both the whole nose and the chin.

Before presenting the new models, we would like to clarify a few things…

Community mask /nose-mouth coverage

Masks NIKITA and masks for children NIKITA KIDS

Intended use: Private use
Wearing them can reduce the speed of the flow of breath or droplets outward and remind us not to touch the face. It is also a form of respect for yourself and others.

Medical protection of mouth and nose (surgical masks)

Intended use Protection of third parties (patients with symptoms should wear it)
Protection against the expulsion of droplets of the wearer. They also protect the wearer in a limited way when it is firmly fixed, but this is not the main purpose

Half filter masks (ffp2 and ffp3)

Intended use  Personal protection in the medical field / workplace safety
Half-Filter Masks are personal protective equipment (PPE) and are intended to protect the wearer of the mask from particles, droplets and aerosols. Masks without an expiratory valve filter both the inhaled air and the exhaled air and therefore offer both self-protection and external protection. The masks with valves filter only the inhaled air and are therefore not designed for external protection.

There is a lack of both surgical and filter masks. The private use of the community ones is required all around most of Europe in order not to subtract fundamental devices from those who work in close contact with the virus and to allow the gradual resumption of work activities that will have the obligation to use them. Not to mention the environmental impact that should be important to us.





NIKITA masks can help reduce the speed of outward breath flow or the expulsion of droplets and visibly support awareness of “social distancing”.

This way, you and us can help reduce the further spread of SARS-CoV-2.