Monvic Collection Kid 2

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Kid Collection #2

Climbing pants MINI SPEED
Hoodie LOLA “Corazon”
Wool hat MOM KIDS

Monvic kid collection #2

Mom Kids 04-2064
Wool hat MOM KIDS 04 Monvic
Monvic Mom wool hat, made of wool and hand made   ADVANTAGES:  
  • Hand made
  • Multi-coloured
  • Each one is individual in size and colours
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LOLA felpa bambino Monvic blue navy CORAZON
Hoodie kid LOLA Monvic “Corazon”
The climbers’ sweatshirt LOLA by Monvic is practical and ultra comfortable; it features soft cotton and is loved by kids and youngsters, be they sport enthusiasts or not. FEATURES: ● easy fit ● hood and front kangaroo pockets ● soft cotton / polyester ● and plush inside ● wide range of colours ● Customisable with Monvic kids’ dedicated graphics
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pantaloni bambina arrampicata MINISPEED fucsia
Climbing pants kid MINI SPEED Monvic fuchsia
Climbing trousers for kids MINISPEED from Monvic is ideal for bouldering and climbing both indoor and on the wall. Realised in a soft, colorful and stretchy cotton. MINISPEED is perfect for playing, free time and school as it is comfortable and resistant. FEATURES: ● comfortable fit; ● soft and stretchy cotton; ● Drawstring at the waist and clip at the ankles; ● Brush pocket on one side; ● practical and resistant.
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