Grillo: the Monvic line of velvet trousers for men

Built with different types of weft and weight to make it versatile in all seasons.

For Monvic, corduroy trousers have always represented an original garment that looks to the oldest traditions, and they have become very popular because they are soft and comfortable.

Elasticated with a clip at the bottom of the leg to adjust the length, these trousers fit any weather: they can be long when it’s cold, or short to the calf when it’s warm.
Our favourite garment to craft the men’s version of the GRILLO trousers is Corduroy, sourcing high-quality remainders from top designers.

Monvic has taken the sustainability, romantic spirit and colours of velvet tailoring and added several trendy shades and a few technical details, such as elastane - where possible - to make movements more fluid and drawstrings at the waist to better adapt to your build.

We are thus able to offer an excellent garment at an affordable price , which is suitable for outdoor activities, in the mountains or elsewhere, but also at the gym when it is too nippy outside.
These toursers offer a pleasant feeling of comfort, ideal for walking and climbing wrapped in a soft and warm material. The ribbed trousers, in all their variations of weave and weight, have allowed us to offer a truly varied product in the same line of GRILLO trousers.

With the Monvic velvet trousers, you are wearing a natural fabric that is in no way inferior to today’s technical fabrics, with the double advantage of product sustainability and the absence of allergic reactions to the material.

Velvet is a fabric with a centuries-long history, dating back to bygone eras when it was used exclusively for both luxury clothing and sophisticated furniture upholstery.

Its history and evolution saw it return to the forefront in the 1970s as a winter alternative to jeans.

And it was this period that inspired us.

If we close our eyes or look at the photographs in our family albums, we see blue, camel, burgundy and green velvet trousers worn with colourful wool jumpers. Velvet trousers and parkas. Velvet trousers and sherpa-lined denim jackets. Velvet trousers, blue duffle coat and round “Gramsci” glasses. 😊

Its versatility and the appreciation of our customers have prompted us to propose and research ribs with different thicknesses, use different shades of colour and special weaves to accompany you both in the mountains and in the city.
But of course we could not offer only velvet in the Grillo men’s line.

For women, we have chosen to make the Violet model with different varieties of velvet as well, a wide choice of colours, available in 5 sizes from XXS to L. The Violet line made with velvet always allows you to climb in the colder seasons with warm but equally soft, light and elastic trousers to help fluidity of movement. And then a further touch of creativity: the decorative graphic at the bottom of the leg.

Our manifesto - our vision -

We like to produce trousers that do not follow the fashion seasons. We don’t invent new lines that will sell for just a few months.
We love our models, which have all have been created thanks to the contribution of the athletes who inspired us with their feedback: our goal was to create an optimal product for anyone practicing sport, especially on the wall. The choice of colour does not only follow the taste of the moment and we pay the utmost attention to the quality of the raw material we choose.
And it is thanks to our method of production and sourcing of raw materials that we can offer you many different colours, unique weaves and special, limited-edition garments.

You will find spring sales for Monvic trousers: these are the outcome of an ad-hoc stock management and it’s our way of introducing an item you will surely fall in love with.
You can purchase these trousers year–round from our Milan showroom and our online store.

Monvic strongly believes in sustainability ideals: this is seen in our choice of fabrics, our craftsmanship, in our tailoring sturdy, durable items that last for many years.
It is also reflected in our “smart” management, where the wellbeing of our collaborators is key.