Finale for Nepal: the most awaited event is back!

Finale calls and Monvic answers! We are already excited to participate in the 11th edition of Finale for Nepal. We will bring with us colour, creativity, enthusiasm and many news that we will present to you at our stand.

After 11 editions we are still present and we like to remember the first event back in 2009, when together with our friends from Versante Sud we were the only exhibitors at this still fledgling gathering which already had the potential to become a great sporting and solidarity event.
In a magical Finalborgo which was not yet equipped to host the event (with shops and bars closed on Sundays) we met the organisers and the special mission which after so many years still attracts thousands of climbing and outdoor enthusiasts from all over Italy.

We look forward to seeing you at Finale for Nepal on the weekend of 13-14-15 May

Haven’t you heard yet? Because of Covid, two editions were missed and this year the usual September event was brought forward to May.
This year it will be even easier to get to the event as the location will be directly in the town of Finale Ligure in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele: a 6-minute walk from the train station and a stone’s throw from the beaches… so pack a swimming costume!

The Finale for Nepal program


h 9 PM | REEL ROCK 16
RInternational review of climbing films: Bridge Boys, Barefoot Charles, Big Things to Come and Cuddle.
Finalborgo, Santa Caterina Auditorium


h 9 AM | Mandala ceremony
The Tibetan Monks open the XI edition by starting to create the mandala, whose realization will continue until Sunday 15
Finalmarina, Spiaggia dei Neri

in Finalmarina, Piazza Vittorio Emanuele

BOULDER & CLIMBING CONTEST 2022 UNDER 14 CATEGORY – Setters: Igor Simoni and Simone Zappini

h 9.15 AM | registration opening

h 10 AM | first qualifying round

h 12 AM | second-round qualifications

h 10 AM | Antoine Le Menestrel presents “Paisible” an all-day vertical dance show

h 4 PM | Live connection with “LaCasa di Ste” in Kathmandu
family house run by Finale for Nepal

h 4.30 PM| Boulder Finals Under 14

Followed by award ceremonies

h 6 PM | Meeting with Anthony Gullsten
Finnish climber “La Sportiva”.

h 7.15 PM | The experience of Finale for Nepal
members of the “Finale for Nepal” Association meet the Mayor of Finale Ligure

h 7.15 PM | Best Trik “Rock Slave”
Athletes: Gullsten, Biagini, Iagnemma, Raimondi


Finalmarina, Piazza Vittorio Emanuele

h 9.30 AM | Trekking with the Sherpa
Registration and departure

h 10 AM | Trail Running “Fly”
(12 KM) in cooperation with “Trail Runners Finale ASD””

BOULDER & CLIMBING CONTEST 2022 SENIOR CATEGORY – Setters: Igor Simoni and Simone Zappini

h 9.15 AM | registration opening
h 10.00 AM | first round qualifying
h 12.30 AM| start of second qualifying round

h 3 PM | Antoine Le Menestrel presents “L’Aimant” vertical dance performance

h 3.30 PM | Climbing for all children

h 5.00 PM | Boulder finals Senior category

Followed by award ceremonies

h 5.45 PM | meeting with Filippo Oliva, physiotherapist
Description and prevention of climbing injuries and safe use of the beam

h 7 PM | Mandala Destruction Ceremony by Tibetan Monks
Finalmarina, Spiaggia dei Neri

To follow

Greetings and stories
Organised by the “Finale for Nepal” Association and the Municipal Administration

Side events throughout the event:

  • Material tests
  • Photographic exhibition on Nepal
  • Mountaineering exhibition by Gianni Calcagno (at the fortress of Castelfranco in Finalmarina)
  • Yoga
  • Holistic massages
  • Canoe experiences
  • sailing boat experiences (LASER BUG)
  • Slackline
  • sailing boat experiences (LASER BUG)

The Finale for Nepal solidarity project

This major national sport climbing event was created with a noble objective in mind, and proof of its success can be seen in the various projects carried out over the past 11 years by the sports and voluntary organisation Finale for Nepal. The projects are diverse and focus on the most disadvantaged areas of the country, all of which aim to improve the living conditions of children and the local community. You can read by clicking here the details of the projects.

Seeing our brand Monvic among the donors of the event makes us happy and proud. The commitment we put into what we do and the way we do it allows us to be craftsmen in the production of sportswear at the forefront of solidarity projects and always attentive to the ethics of how and what we produce.

Monvic e Finale

The long collaboration with the association Finale for Nepal continues this year and we are finishing printing the T-shirts for the under-18 women’s contest with dedicated graphics for the event.

Even though the venue has changed this year, we would like to re-propose the “Life is good in Finalborgo” T-shirt, graphically designed by us in collaboration with Alessandro Girelli’s shop OUTPOST in Finalborgo.



Below are some of the crags that have remained in our hearts, but the Finale area is truly a vast world for climbing.

  1. TRAVERSO SUL MARE A NOLI: under the Aurelia there is a cliff with a 500 metre long climbing route.
  2. PLACCA CAPO NOLI: directly on the sea 11 pitches with easy grades with access from above.
  3. Crags in VAL PENNAVAIRE with grades from 5c to 7b. The last crag equipped is in the town of Castelbianco in the first months of 2020 and has 14 pitches (from 4c to 7b+)
  4. BRIC PIANARELLA the Big Wall of the Finale area, called the Paretone, over 40 routes with the longest multipichs in the area, including Catarinfrangente; a spectacular climb opened in ’77 by mountaineers Gianni and Lino Calcagno.
  5. ROCCA DI PERTI PERTI with its two slopes, north and west. The area is divided into 21 equipped crags. The unmissable “Ombre blu” (Blue Shadows) is a must. More info here
  6. BRIC GRIGIO E BRIC DEL FRATE: 13 sectors in Sanguineto and Pian Marino. More info here
  7. BRIC SCIMARCO: about 40 single pitch routes and some routes of 2-3 pitches. Excellent bolting with resin and belays with chains and abseiling ring. Many aesthetic pitches with difficulties from 5c to 7b.

And if you just can’t make it with the crash on your back, we suggest you set off to explore the bouldering area of Varazze, also in the province of Savona.


Cycling has almost surpassed climbing in terms of the number of enthusiasts who frequent the Altopiano delle Manie and the view of Capo Noli is well worth the effort! The passion for mountain biking in the Finale area began in the late 1990s when it began to host a series of events and races dedicated to MTB: Funky Day (1999) 24H Finale, the FinalEnduro, Enduro World Series.
There are many tracks to follow and you can find them listed by level of difficulty on the website of the group OUTDOOR FINALE LIGURE.


There are several practicable spots in the Finale Ligure area, we will mention just a couple of them for you.
FASE REM: it is possible to put a 70 m longline called FASE REM, a 40 m longline at ground level and even an easy 12 m longline.
MONTE CUCCO: highline very psychologically demanding, 40 m long and 80 m high, facing the Feglino valley.


Hiking enthusiasts will also find a vast network of trails throughout the Finale area. From the most demanding ones that join the 430 km of the ALTA VIA of the Ligurian mountains to those that can be hiked even with children.
If you’re in Finale for the weekend but want to take a break from climbing, we recommend a scenic, undemanding trek that we did last year: the Sentiero del Pellegrino (Pilgrim’s Path), which links the beautiful seaside village of Noli to Varigotti, passing through the Grotta dei Falsari (Forgers’ Cave).


Finding us at the event won’t be difficult… we’re usually very colourful! 😊

One more reason to visit us is the Monvic pad game contest. Which is?

At the stand you can challenge the hourglass and test your vision and if you manage to complete it you could win a MONVIC prize! Participation is free: come to the stand and have fun on your own or challenge your friends.