BILLY 2 Prince of Wales: new climbing trousers in tartan fabric

The Billy 2 tartan trousers by Monvic represent an exclusive item in the sparkling world of sports climbing clothing

The versatility of the Billy 2 trousers is combined with the elegance of the plaid pattern: the tartan version of our much-loved boulder trousers makes this model special not only for climbing, but also for leisure time, hiking in the mountains and everyday life in the city.

We already know the Billy 2 model, a classic in the Monvic collection: the fit remains the same, always very comfortable, with loops, an adjustable drawstring waist and double stitching to prolong its longevity. An evergreen among our range of trousers, also recognisable by the elastic at the leg bottom and the unmistakable brush pocket.

The new tartan fabric

The novelty for this 2022 cold season is the choice of new plaid patterns, in light or heavy versions depending on the use of the trousers. We chose them not only for the beauty of the weave and colour combination, but also for their efficiency in the role of sportswear. Its name is Prince of Wales! The Billy 2 tartan trousers exist in a purely male version but, as with any product, we can also customise them for the female audience; you can find the form for requesting your customised trousers – tartan included – on the product page.

This year we also offer a plaid version in fine corduroy, the Grillo Prince of Wales model, suitable for those winter days with freezing temperatures that for us climbers have only one meaning: super conditions!

Tartan's history

Despite our incurable attention to all that ‘the new’ offers us, we have always loved to propose garments that go beyond the fashions of individual seasons or trends. The tartan fabric also succeeds in responding to this need of ours, representing at the same time a super-classic fabric with timeless charm.

This type of fabric, especially in its red and green shades, is certainly synonymous with Great Britain, and immediately makes us travel with our minds to the historical stages of the Old World where it dictated the rules of new lifestyles and rebellion movements.

Initially used among the ‘well-to-do’ families of 19th century Scotland, the tartan became a symbol of national unity after various vicissitudes that saw it initially banned by the English monarchy, only to be adopted with even greater enthusiasm by all those who did not want to conform to the British regime.

Following in the wake of the ever-growing popular consensus that this cloth continued to gain, even the Royal Family decided – obviously only at a later stage – to adopt it as the emblem of the monarchy. Thus began a long period of ‘revival’ of this fabric, which began to be associated with elegance and the more formal occasions of high society.

Tartan nowadays

For an entire generation, however, the tartan was also a symbol of youthful rebellion in the hard years when people opposed family and society, and sought ‘social’ identification with peers of equally irreverent spirit. We are of course talking about the punk subculture, where tartan trousers became a symbol of the strongest provocative current ever.

Today, tartan is considered by many to be a ‘vintage’ fabric, but this does not preclude its wide use in haute couture, which, year after year, offers us new creations and innovative uses with unchanging appeal.

Yellow tartan Monvic trousers Billy 2

Tartan for us at Monvic

We chose to create a limited edition of tartan trousers to give climbers of every generation the opportunity to wear an exclusive look that reflects their whimsical and authentic character. The unprecedented pattern is also a symbol of our way of experiencing the creation of clothing: a style that is unique and unmistakable, with attention to both the smallest details and the raw materials, enhancing the originality of our products.

As with the other velvet garments we produce, the Prince of Wales version of Grillo are created using stocks of fabric remnants of the highest quality. In this way we can guarantee you the top in terms of material used at an affordable price.

How Monvic trousers are made

Monvic clothing was created with the idea of allowing everyone, climbers and non-climbers alike, to spend their free time with comfortable, practical garments with technical characteristics suited to the season.

Monvic trousers are your companions in adventure: their durability will make you choose them for climbing in the gym and for the most intense evenings on indoor boulders, their softness and comfort will make you want to wear them even for an aperitif with friends or for an informal day at the office.

Discover the variations, shades and weaves available in our online shop and don't let them get away: they are a limited edition!