VIOLET pantaloni arrampicata donna velluto plum
Pants woman VIOLET Velvet Monvic plum “Esterella”
Climbing pants Violet for ladies, featuring soft velvet, ideal for any indoor or outdoor sport activity. Conceived for bouldering and climbing. ADVANTAGES:
  • Ladies cut
  • adjustable waist and bottom coulisse
  • Side, brush-holding pocket
  • Decorative, contrasting graphics on the rear right leg
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pantalone donna VIOLET super pink Monvic
Climbing trousers woman VIOLET Monvic fuchsia / apple
Women's climbing trousers VIOLET made of soft stretch cotton, with feminine fit, ideal for any sports activity both in the gym and outdoors or simply for leisure. FEATURES: ● Comfortable and with a feminine cut; ● Soft and stretchy cotton; ● Adjustable drawstring waist and leg bottom; ● Side pocket for brush holder; ● Decorative graphics on the back-right leg; ● Contrasting coloured seams; ● Designed for bouldering and climbing. Size Chart
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pantalone donna BALZEN Monvic blue navy
Pants woman BALZEN Monvic blue navy / fuchsia “Esterella”
Climbing pants Balzen Tex – ladies are ideal for climbing, bouldering and leisure time, featuring soft stretch cotton. They are also ideal for indoor activities such as yoga, pilates and leisure time. ADVANTAGES:
  • Relaxed fit
  • Stretch
  • Side, brush-holding pocket
  • Decorative, contrasting graphics on the rear right leg
  • Soft, jersey waist double rubber band to guarantee stress-free movements
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ET felpa donna in lana Monvic black
Hoodie woman E.T. Monvic wool black “Esterella”
The Monvic ET ladies sweatshirt is the first one to have been crafted by Monvic, still holding centre stage in our collection. Revamped each year with new zips and colours, it keeps its trademark comfort and fit. ADVANTAGES:
  • Warm wool
  • Wide, versatile hood
  • Long zip
  • Four pockets
  • Personalised graphics on the rear right shoulder
  • Tight fit
  • Wind resistant
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borsa SPORTA MEDIUM Monvic white esterella
Bag SPORTA MEDIUM Monvic “Esterella”
Tote bag SPORTA MEDIUM Monvic, made with 80% recycled cotton. PRODUCT ADVANTAGES:
  • 80% recycled cotton
  • Top edge double folded for strenght and clean finish
  • Long handles, with reinforced cross stitch
  • Shaping seam at bottom to create volume
  • Width 37 cm - Height 43 cm
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borsa TINA Monvic turquoise esterella
Monvic TINA Bag “Esterella”
Monvic “Tina” small messenger Bag, made with recycling material and swatches from Monvic trouser. Multi-compartment with a Velcro closure.   ADVANTAGES:  
  • Really comfortable
  • Recycled material
  • Ideal to keep things small and tidy: home keys, mobile, documents.
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borsa tracolla denim riciclato POSTE Monvic esterella
Bag POSTE Monvic “Esterella”
Monvic’s POSTE bag, crafted using fabrics and materials leftovers from the production of our trousers, is ideal for the climbing kit or as a gym bag. Solid and resistant, can be used all year round. FEATURES: ● recycled fabbric ● adjustable shoulder bag ● brass buckle ● inside pocket for documents or climbing shoes ● molto resistente ● very resistant ● graphic on the lid
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top donna giulia monvic red melange
Tank top woman GIULIA Monvic “Esterella”
The ultralight top that Monvic thought for climbing, bouldering and running but perfect for free time in the city. FEATURES:
  • Very soft
  • Dry fast
  • Round neck
  • Draped silhouette
  • Beautiful mélange colours
  • Small original Monvic’s graphics on the shoulder
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