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Monvic is a creative company crafting graphic designs for sports, urban and outdoor apparel.

We specialise in the customization of climbing, slackline, running, bike, snowboard, ski and skate clothes and accessories.

Started in 2007, our stepping stone was the fourth edition of the MELLOBLOCCO in Val Masino.

You can find us at pretty much all climbing rallies, important outdoor competitions and events.

We believe having fun is key, drawing and colouring any form of sport expression, starting from our passion for climbing.


With Monvic, you can customise your clothes, creating your t-shirt or hoodie online. You can choose the colour, graphics and position of the graphics, or choose from any of our items on the catalogue.

What’s more, we can customise graphics for any event, such as competitions or rallies, creating full outfits for gyms, teams or members of staff, combining our creativity with your needs.

Your company will have a unique, personalised product with your team brand, adding a specially Italian, unique, accurate and handcrafted touch.
All the Monvic items have been sewn, designed and printed in Italy in small workshops which still fully work abiding to the tricks of the trade.

This means having collections where numbers are limited, but the quality is first-rate.

All Monvic trousers are fully manufactured in Italy, using top notch fabrics, using high quality, prestigious fabrics

If you like our clothes, please write to us:

Tell us about your ideas and ask us to craft your favourite model in an ever different fabric, according to the time of the year.

We will happily follow your tastes and advice and will do our best to meet your demands.

Have fun with us and dress yourself!